• school governance

    School Governance

    Governance is the process by which Winterberry makes shared decisions, creates consensus, and supports the management of the school. It is our opportunity and responsibility as community members to assist in the development and growth of Winterberry towards our shared goals and vision. Some of the responsibilities of our governance process are required by law, and others have been incorporated to foster the Waldorf educational philosophy that inspires Winterberry. Management of Winterberry is the responsibility of the administrator. Management involves hiring, supervising, evaluating all staff, maintaining school and student records, participation in behavior issues, emergencies, and many other essential functions. By Alaska State Charter law, all charter schools are required to have an Academic Policy Committee (APC). The Winterberry’s APC is known as the Winterberry Charter Council (WCC). APC’s are tasked with hiring the school administrator, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and adhering to the charter.

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    Decision Making, Consensus Model

    Winterberry strives to honor a three-body decision making process, when appropriate. The Winterberry Faculty Council, the Winterberry Parent Guild and the Winterberry Charter Council seek consensus through a robust review of major schoolwide issues. Each group has a voice in the process. The successful functioning of Winterberry depends on the cooperative efforts of three vital groups.

    1. WFC: Winterberry Faculty Council (teachers/staff) • Heart: nurture/love
    2. WCC: Charter Council (parents/staff) • Head: think/plan
    3. WPG: Parent Guild (parents) • Hands: do/act