• "Receive the children in reverence. Educate them in love. Send them forth in freedom."  – Rudolf Steiner (founder of Waldorf education)
    Grow the innate potential of each child.

    Waldorf-inspired, tuition-free, K-8 public education promoting the growth of the whole child: head, heart and hands.


    Winterberry is an arts-integrated, K-8 public school inspired by Waldorf educational methods that meets State of Alaska and Anchorage School District curriculum standards. Winterberry was founded in 2004 by parents dedicated to making this educational environment available for families free of tuition. Our mission is to nurture and promote the development of healthy, responsible and creative human beings. Winterberry provides an innovative, standards-based education, enhancing the growth of student creativity and imagination through the arts. Our aim is to provide a holistic learning environment and demonstrate that all children are natural and inspired learners who can achieve. We use curriculum based on the Waldorf educational philosophy that uses developmentally appropriate approaches and the arts to encourage academic achievement, creativity, social intelligence and ecological awareness.


    Our Focus

    • Build capacities (academic, social-emotional and will).
    • Follow natural child development phases, including emotional, physical and cognitive dimensions.
    • Encourage self awareness and social competence.
    • Develop healthy relationships and strong communication practice.
    • View school as a learning community.

    Goals for Our Children

    • Know themselves and navigate confidently in a social environment.
    • Be flexible and resilient, remain curious and adaptable.
    • Recognize the value in all persons and in the natural world.
    • Treat themselves and others with respect and kindness.
    • Move physically with strength, coordination and confidence.
    • Use their minds in imaginative, innovative and creative ways.
    • Solve problems and explain their process.



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