• Waldorf Education at Winterberry


    Waldorf-inspired, tuition-free, K-8 public education promoting the growth of the whole child: head, heart and hands.

    The principles of Waldorf education evolve from an understanding of child development and prioritizes the needs of the growing child. Our school allows for the gentle unfolding of each child, all in an effort to develop healthy, resilient human beings. Here, teachers are uniquely trained to cultivate the innate potential of each child and feed a lifelong love of learning through connection, presence, play and storytelling.  Winterberry students experience writing, literature, legends and myths, poetry and physical movement, world languages, the beauty of math, science, music, handwork, and lessons that come alive through storytelling, art and the wonders of the natural world.

  • Predictable Rhythm

    A consistent daily rhythm eases transitions and carries students confidently through their weeks. Schoolwide seasonal celebrations like the fall Festival of Courage, winter Lantern Walk, Solstice Spiral Walk, and spring Mayfest renew our community with a close connection to the changes in our natural world and to each other.


  • Specialty Classes and Sports

    • Handwork: fiber arts, woodworking
    • World Languages: Spanish, German, French
    • Music: choral singing, pentatonic flute, recorder
    • Movement: physical and imaginative play, mindfulness, Native Youth Olympics, folk dance, Pentathlon, Circus arts and performance
    • Grade 6-8 Sports: cross country running and ski team 
  • Connection to Nature

    We make maximum use of outside time and fresh air. Outdoor seasonal festivals connect us to our natural rhythms.

    • Outdoor Recess: 40 minutes
    • Movement Class: outside for 40 minutes two to three days per week 
    • Nature Walks: for Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2: at least an hour long, once per week through neighboring wooded trails
    • Fresh Air: some Specialty Classes and lunch can occur outdoors, at the teacher’s discretion
    • Festivals: Faculty lead seasonal celebrations, incorporating stories, performances, crafts, scientific observation of the natural world and special meaning into academic learning.