• Welcome to the Polaris Parking Lot!

    Please review the following parking lot safety rules and etiquette.
    Together, we can keep our students safe!


    • Please note that the speed limit in the parking lot is 5 m.p.h.
    • Stop in an appropriate space. Picking up students in lanes of traffic is unsafe and slows down traffic for everyone. Pull forward as far as possible beyond the cones. The pick-up/drop-off lane extends around the building and the side door is unlocked at 7:45 a.m.
    • Have as much ready as you can when you pull into the parking lot. Finish conversations and goodbyes early and prepare students to exit your vehicle before you stop.
    • The lanes used for drop-off/pick-up are also designated fire lanes. By law, this means no stopping, except to actually load or unload. They are NOT parking zones. You must remain with your vehicle. Note that the medians are also designated fire lanes and there is no stopping or parking. Parking or leaving a vehicle unattended may result in a fine. If you want/need to have extra time with your child or if you need to get out of the car, PLEASE USE the PARKING LOT.
    • When you are ready to pull back into traffic, please use your turn signal to alert drivers.
    • When exiting our parking lot, please make a right turn towards Brayton Drive. This helps the flow of traffic with Rilke Schule.
    • Have your child use the crosswalk. If they are little, please walk with them across. It is dark during the winter months which makes it more difficult to see small children walking.
    • Please end all cell phone calls prior to entering the lot. Cell phones are a huge distraction and we need your full attention to students walking as well as other drivers. It is also illegal to actively use a cell phone in a school zone.
    • Respect the handicap spaces and those families needing to use them.
    • All student vehicles must be registered with safety/security staff.
    • Be patient and use common courtesy! We know the parking lot can be congested, busy, and even frustrating, and we all have places to go; with so many people and vehicles, it is imperative for everyone’s safety that we go slowly and cautiously and provide our undivided attention.