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    We invite you to attend a school tour offered from 9:00-10:30 AM:


    February 6, 2024


    February 13, 2024


    February 20, 2024



    Please check-in with the

    front office on arrival.


    Call (907)742-8700

Polaris K-12 Mission Statement

  • Polaris K-12 School is an evolving program that creates an environment challenging students, teachers, and parents to personal excellence, lifelong learning, and ethical responsibility to self, community, and world.


About Us

  • Polaris is Anchorage’s only brick and mortar school to have all grade levels from kindergarten to the senior year of high school. As an ASD alternative program, we differ in educational philosophy, grade level organization, student evaluation, curriculum, instructional methods, and student involvement. Our program is characterized by curricular innovation along with basic skills development and allows for an integrated curriculum and multi-age group learning based on student interests, needs, and development levels. Students are participants in creating a rigorous curriculum that exposes them to 21st Century skills, learning traditional academic standards, developing civic responsibilities and policies, while also meeting their personal educational interests. 


    Our program is for students, parents/guardians, and teachers who want an emphasis on self-directed learning and active participation in our community. 


    It is important to recognize that programs that divert off the traditional path could be immensely beneficial for some students while being limiting for others. Please take time to learn about our program and ask those important questions before making a decision that will impact your child’s educational journey.



    VIDEO: Polaris: The First 20 Years



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