• Part of every family's commitment to Rilke Schule is providing 4 hours of volunteer time to the school every month or a total of 36 hours a year. There are many ways to fill this need. We realize how busy families are and truly appreciate your contributions to our school. 


    How to volunteer- Please print and return the Volunteer Waiver and Release to the Rilke Schule front office and complete the Online Volunteer Applicaiton.  These two forms must be completed and reviewed by the ASD district office before you may volunteer in the building.


    COVID and volunteering-

    • Volunteers are at a school for a specific event to assist in a variety of ways on campus associated with that event or come in during specifically scheduled times to assist in classrooms or with school functions on a regular basis (example: Ms. Jones comes in for 3 hrs. every other Friday to collect popcorn sales money and inventory supplies). They are not responsible for a specific set of students. They are NOT required to be vaccinated.

    • Chaperones are assigned to a specific set of students for an off-campus field trip or activity. They are responsible for students for the duration of the activity. They are REQUIRED to be vaccinated (preferred method) or provide a negative molecular-based COVID test taken within 48 hours of the event.

    ASD Volunteer policy.


    How to log your volunteer hours - You can log your volunteer hours online from anywhere by using the Rilke Schule Volunteer Hours Log


    Contributions in lieu of volunteer time - If you are too busy to volunteer your time, you can make a financial contribution to the school.  Please contact Principal Bearss or the front desk if you are interested in contributing financially in lieu of volunteer time. Thanks very much!



    Rilke families!  We are lucky enough to have several university students from Germany coming to help us at Rilke again this year.  We are looking for host families for both male and female interns.  If you have questions about hosting, or if you would like to be considered for next semester or for the next year, please contact Intern Coordinator Ann Weese at rilkeinterns@asdk12.org .