• Have a spare bedroom? Or can you create one for a few months?


    Ann Weese (Intern Coordinator) and interns out skiing.

    Interested in getting to know a German-speaking university student and sharing your family culture? Want to inspire your kids to speak more German? Love to show off Alaska to visitors? Want to make a lifelong friend and a handy contact for a future trip to Europe?


    Every year, Rilke Schule recruits up to 10 German & Swiss university students to work at Rilke as interns in our classrooms, providing vital support to our dedicated teachers. Rilke families make our intern program possible by welcoming and hosting these guest teachers in their homes for one semester.


    We are currently matching next year's interns with their future host families, and are looking for several new host families interested in opening their homes and hearts in this cultural exchange.


    For more information about becoming a host family for an intern teacher next year, please contact Ann Weese at rilkeinterns@asdk12.org.


    Thank you for supporting Rilke Schule!