• Anton

    Your child may have been working with this app already in school. Please ask your student first whether s/he is familiar with Anton, then check in with your teacher for login information. Not all teachers use this app and sign-up navigation is in German. A step-by-step English guide is not available, yet.

    Resource for math, German, biology, music, science/social studies.

    Grades: 1-10




    If you cannot access Anton at this point or your young student has not used Anton, this website is an easy to use platform to practice das Alphabet (alphabet), Zahlen (numbers), Formen (shapes), Tiere (animals), and so much more. 

    Select “Deutsch für Kinder” and click on any of the topics. 

    Grades: Pre - 2nd




    News for children delivered as podcasts. (audio only)

    Grades: All

    For younger audiences: Gute Nacht Geschichten (bedtime stories), such as Pumuckl offer 20 min episodes. Scroll down the site and below “neueste Episoden” you will find several stories from which to choose. 


    Older kids may enjoy 3 to 10 minute news soundbites. Click on “Aktuelles & Politik” (current affairs & politics) to find a broad range of topics. “Familie” (family) will take you to “meistgehörte” (most often selected) bedtime stories. Or scroll down on the main page to “Neueste Episoden” to find a kid-friendly selection of news, i.e. Bavaria closes schools till the end of Easter break, volcano eruption in the Philippines, wildfires in Australia. 



    Kleine Schule

    Worksheets and online games. German only; however, the site is fairly intuitive. Great for practicing math in German. 

    Grades: Pre- to 4th grade (and anyone interested in reviewing math concepts)

    “...die beliebtesten Seiten…” (favorite worksheets)

    Mathe-Arbeitsblätter >>>   Math worksheets: free, including “Lernkarten” (index cards) for grades 1 through 4. 

    Online Mathe Trainer   (online math practice): choose your grade level and get started. 



    Planet Schule

    A website by German public radio stations designed to provide a broad variety of learning-related content while school is out in Germany. Audio and video content.

    Grades: site navigation requires German language skills, but content is geared towards elementary school and up (Unterstufe - elementary grades , Mittelstufe - middle school , Oberstufe - high school level)

    Lernen zuhause - ausgewählte Angebote nach Altersstufen”. This will take you to an external link offering more elementary school - appropriate topics, such as Nature & Environment, Science & Technology, Culture & Travel. Please don’t be discouraged by the amount of information displayed. “Viel Spass beim Stöbern” - have fun exploring, there’s something for everyone.




    News for kids. Short and sweet, subtitles available. Creators’ use of visual effects makes following along easy. New episodes every evening and at least one week’s worth of previous episodes are available on the website.

    Grades: 2nd and up

    Scroll down on main site to logo!-Sendungen and navigate to the right to select previous episodes, i.e. logo! am Sonntagabend , etc




    Science is your thing? You need to sign up for this page but this free forum offers “classes” in sciences, technology, and nature. Please select “DE” in the upper right hand corner as your preferred language. 



    Junge Musik

    Fun interactive games about music: Want to conduct an entire orchestra? Then “dirigiere selbst”. Lots of quizzes and knowledge to impress Herr Downie or Herr Lindt with while you’re away from class. 



    Mein Weg nach Deutschland

    Erste Wege in Deutschland

    We get to follow young adults as they are navigating their first steps in a new country. “Im Bus” (riding the bus), “Auf Arbeitssuche” (finding employment), “Neue Freunde” (new friends) are some of the discussion points that are shared. 



    Deutsche Welle

    Variety of topics, organized by level A1, B2, etc. 

    English navigation, German content. 

    Grades: 3 and up