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    Here are some articles you can print and have family members read to their student(s). The reader can ask their student questions, have them draw a picture, etc.

    First Grade Folder

    Have your student draw a picture of the weather outside and write sentences about what they see.

    Choose a favorite book and  read the story to your student. When it is over, have them retell the story to you from memory.

    Using play-dough, students can  form tricky words they know.

    Mystery Bag Game - choose an item from your house to put in a bag. Give clues that describe the item. Can they guess what is in the bag? Take turns so that the student both guesses and gives clues.



    • My Path
    • Math Learning Games


    Access instructions:

    • Log in to clever.asdk12.org
    • Click on i-Ready




    Act it Out:

    Have your child use a collection of toys (stuffed animals, figurines, legos, etc.) Have them act out various problems that would represent addition and subtraction scenarios with numbers less than 10. Use words like: join, add, together, left, how many in all, how many left, etc. to support the language of addition and subtraction.


    Writing Equations

    Have a small collection of items, (pennies, buttons, beans) Give your child 10 and you have 10.   You and your child will work together to make groups that have the same totals and write equations about your groups.

    For example: you have 2 and 4, your child has 3 and 3.

    Write the equation 2 + 4 = 3 + 3


    Shape Hunt: Have your child find items around the house that represent a triangle, circle, square, cube, rectangular prism, and sphere.


    Digital Resources

    Print Resources

    unplugged & paperless

    Social Studies

    Watch BrainPopJr videos and take the easy quiz

    Money Matters

    Create a list of everything that they would like to spend money on and in their list identify the following:

    ▪ What things are needs & what are wants.

    ▪ Ask the student to determine how much all of the items on the list cost. (Family members can support younger students by helping them figure out the cost of items.)


    Watch BrainPopJr videos:


    • Cook together & explore measurement in the kitchen
    • Go on a walk outside and use your senses to observe nature
    • Sort and classify different items by shape, color, size (buttons, beans, coins, etc.)


    Explore the Elementary Health Choice Boards to watch videos and learn more about you’re your body works!

    • Make healthy snack and talk about how it fuels your body.
    • Explore your home and/or yard to identify safety features and things to watch out for.
    • Practice healthy habits such as brushing teeth, washing hands, getting exercise, reducing screen time, and prioritizing sleep.


    Get your heart pumping and your body moving by selecting one or more of the videos from our Daily 54 & More for K-2 collection.

    • Dance Party Fun!
    • Comic Kids Yoga
    • Chases
    • Songs
    • Go Noodle
    • Fitness videos and more!
    • Turn on your favorite tunes and have a family dance party.
    • Make an indoor obstacle course.
    • Go outside to play or take a walk.



    Watch BrainPopJr videos

    Choose from the following activities:

    • Make a card for someone in your household.
    • Draw something in your house from observation
    • Design your dream house


    Watch BrainPopJr videos

    Choose one of activities:

    • Sing one of your favorite songs to someone in your household
    • Make a fun rhythm for a song you know