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    Access instructions:

    • Log in to clever.asdk12.org
    • Click on i-Ready




    Practice skip counting as a family: One person chooses which number to start from, another chooses whether to count forward or backward, and another chooses what to count by.  Example: Let’s count forward by twos, starting with 5.


    Count change: Gather a collection of coins and bills (real,  fake or drawn on paper). Have your child sort and count how much in all. Have your child count back change from given amounts (Example: $5, $10).


    Cooking with Math: Use measuring tools to compare amounts of ingredients when making lunch or dinner.


    Digital Resources

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    unplugged & paperless

    Social Studies

    Watch BrainPop videos and do the worksheet

    Interview a Historical Figure

    Have students choose a person they have recently studied and pretend they are a reporter living during the time period. Then have students ask the historical figure questions about the events surrounding the event that made the person famous.


    Watch BrainPop videos and do the quizzes


    • Make paper airplanes. Find a partner to have a competition - who can fly the farthest? Stay up in the air the longest?
    • Build a fort out of pillows and blankets. What kinds of problems are you solving to put your fort together?
    • Make an animal habitat out of recycled materials or natural found objects


    Explore the Elementary Health Choice Boards to watch videos and learn more about you’re your body works!

    • Make healthy snack and talk about how it fuels your body.
    • Explore your home and yard to identify safety features and things to watch out for.
    • Read the nutrition labels on several food products. Learn about the nutritional content and serving sizes.



    Get your heart pumping and your body moving by selecting one or more of the videos from our Daily 54 & More for 3-6 collection.

    • Dance Party Fun!
    • Chases
    • Superhero Workouts
    • Go Noodle
    • Fitness videos and more!
    • Turn on your favorite tunes and have a family dance party.
    • Make an indoor obstacle course.
    • Go outside to play or take a walk.
    • Find a partner and take turns mirroring their body movements, stretches, exercises, and/or acting out different sporting activities.


    Watch BrainPop videos and do the quiz

    Choose from the following activities:

    • Make a card for someone in your household.
    • Draw something in your house from observation
    • Design your dream house


    Watch BrainPop videos and do the quiz

    Choose one of activities:

    • Sing one of your favorite songs to someone in your household
    • Make an instrument out of something at your home