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    Have your student spend 15 minutes reading to someone at home. When they have finished, they should retell the important events of the story.

    Students can write 4-5 sentences about what they think their teacher is doing today while they are at home.

    Spelling Pictionary - Your student draws a picture that goes with one of their spelling words to see if someone at home can guess it! Repeat this with more of their words.

    Students can write a mini-book about a favorite topic. They can include pictures and captions.



    • My Path
    • Math Learning Games
    • Fluency Flight


    Access instructions:

    • Log in to clever.asdk12.org
    • Click on i-Ready




    Practice skip counting as a family: One person chooses which number to start from, another chooses whether to count forward or backward, and another chooses what to count by.  Example: Let’s count forward by twos, starting with 4.


    Count change: Gather a collection of coins (real,  fake or drawn on paper). Have your child sort and count how much in all. (Under $1.00)


    Cooking with Math: Talk about how to make sure everyone gets a fair share during lunch or dinner time.


    Digital Resources

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    unplugged & paperless

    Social Studies

    Watch BrainPopJr video and take the easy quiz

    Interview a Historical Figure

    Have students choose a person they have recently studied and pretend they are a reporter living during the time period. Then have students ask the historical figure questions about the events surrounding the event that made the person famous.


    Watch BrainPopJr videos and do the quizzes


    • Find different states of matter in your world - ice and water from the fridge (solid & liquid), clouds and rain (gas & liquid)
    • Build a fort out of pillows and blankets. What kinds of problems are you solving to put your fort together?
    • Make something out of paper, just be folding it - can you make a house? A bird?


    Explore the Elementary Health Choice Boards to watch videos and learn more about you’re your body works!

    • Make healthy snack and talk about how it fuels your body.
    • Explore your home and/or yard to identify safety features and things to watch out for.
    • Practice healthy habits such as brushing teeth, washing hands, getting exercise, reducing screen time, and prioritizing sleep.


    Get your heart pumping and your body moving by selecting one or more of the videos from our Daily 54 & More for K-2 collection.

    • Dance Party Fun!
    • Comic Kids Yoga
    • Chases
    • Songs
    • Go Noodle
    • Fitness videos and more!
    • Turn on your favorite tunes and have a family dance party.
    • Make an indoor obstacle course.
    • Go outside to play or take a walk.



    Watch BrainPopJr videos

    Choose from the following activities:

    • Make a card for someone in your household.
    • Draw something in your house from observation
    • Design your dream house


    Watch BrainPopJr videos

    Choose one of activities:

    • Sing one of your favorite songs to someone in your household
    • Make a fun rhythm for a song you know