Parking, Bus, and Drop-off Information

  • Parents, we have created a parking and vehicle flow plan that we believe will ensure the safety for all: you, your student, other students, and staff here at Abbott Loop. In the morning and afternoon, school staff representatives are posted around our school to help everyone get either to school or to their home quickly and safely. If you are unsure of where to go please ask a one of our staff members wearing the brightly-colored orange and yellow vests. We have three areas of arrival and departure: the Drop-Off/Pick-Up Loop, the Bus Loop, and the Front Parking Lot.

    Drop-Off/Pickup Loop:

    Parents this is where you may drop-off/pick-up your student. It is located at the back of the school (east side).

    Back Pickup Drop Off Loop

    1. Enter from 84th Ave, pull into the loop, single file, and around the basketball court. Parents must wait in their car in the drop-off/pick-up line and gradually move forward to the loading zone. In the afternoons, please teach your students to get into your vehicle quickly (curb side only) and be ready to go right away. FASTEN SEAT BELTS.

    2. Students WILL NOT be allowed past Duty Personnel. When you get to the loading zone, your student will be released to you. Students are NEVER allowed to cross the loading zone without adult supervision.

    3. This is a ONE WAY/SINGLE LANE loop. DO NOT "DOUBLE PARK". Your student will not be allowed to cross in front of another vehicle.

    4. Be Patient

    5. If you walk students to or from their class, please park in the front parking lot, escort students across the driveway and into the building. Except for the first few days of school, we prefer you drop your children off in the back drop-off zone so they can line up with their class and enter the building with everyone else.

    Front Parking Lot:

    Front Parking Lot

    This is the front of the school where the entrance and flagpole are.

    The front parking lot is NOT a drop-off or pick-up zone. If you come to the front of the school you MUST park in a parking spot and walk your student into the building.

    Bus Loop:

    Sunny Bus Loop

    This is where our three buses drop off students in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. You may not drop-off or pick-up students here unless you escort them. If you want to pick-up or drop-off your student here you MUST park your car in a parking spot and escort your student across the bus loop.