• Winterberry Parent Guild (WPG)


    WPG is a parents group with a mission to support the school and its teachers for the betterment of the children attending the school. The WPG comes together to solve problems, promote communications within the Winterberry community as a whole, discuss issues and to help decide where outside financial contributions are best spent. Membership in the Guild is open to all parents and teachers at Winterberry Charter School as well as other such persons interested and accepted by the Guild’s Board of Directors. Learn more about how WPG fits into the model of school governance.

    • Purpose: Support the school and its teachers for the betterment of our students. The Guild shapes the culture of the school, conducts fundraisers and volunteers to support the school’s programs. The WPG is a separate, not-for-profit incorporated 501c3 entity that coordinates activities with the Winterberry Charter Council and the Faculty Council to complement the school’s mission.
    • People: The Guild consists of parents/family members of students – one class representative per class, one faculty member and six officers. Each primary representative is supported by an alternate, who fills in, attend meetings and vote in the absence of the primary rep. A voting liaison member attends the WCC to offer a report and share important information linking the two parent-run bodies.
    • Meetings: 6-8 pm, first Thursdays, at school and/or via remote conference. Everyone in the school community is encouraged to attend as often as desired.


    Read WPG 2022-23 Annual Report
    Read WPG Bylaws
    Visit the WPG website