• Welcome to the Winterberry Parent Guild (WPG)


    The WPG is a parents’ group; its mission is to support the Winterberry Charter School and its teachers for the betterment of the children attending the the School.


    The WPG comes together to solve problems, promote communications within the Winterberry community as a whole, discuss issues and to help decide where outside financial contributions are best spent. Membership in the Guild is open to all parents and teachers at Winterberry Charter School as well as other such persons interested and accepted by the Guild’s Board of Directors.


    The WPG meetings are at 6:00 p.m. at the school on the first Thursday of every month and everyone in the school community is encouraged to attend as often as possible. 

    Check the Calendar for updates.


    Agendas are posted in the school foyer in advance of the meetings.   To view past agendas and minutes, click on this Google drive link, WPG Minutes.

    Click here to learn Who are the Winterberry Parent Guild members?

    What does the WPG do?

    The WPG is primarily focused on raising funds for the school and dispersing those funds equitably in support of enhancing Waldorf inspired education. The WPG is established as a 501c3 non-profit.

    As a community, we are committed to providing financial support to our teachers as they pursue ongoing Waldorf Training, education and certification.


    To bridge this financial gap, the WPG coordinates two main fundraising efforts in support of Teacher Training and other school needs.

     Boy drawing on chalkboard.

    G.A.R.D.E.N Give Annually, Reap Dreams, Educate and Nurture.

    We ask for 100% Community Participation to invest in our school.  If we were to simply divide up our target by the number of students enrolled, it would roughly equal $120 per student, however, the WPG gratefully accepts donations of any amount from $5 to $500 and beyond.  It’s a great opportunity for anyone who is invested in your student’s success and all donations are tax-deductible.


    High community participation can impact our access to grants and future funding opportunities:  100% is a number we strive for and are proud to achieve.

    Head Heart & Hands Annual Spring Auction

    This event is a highly anticipated and well-deserved evening out for the Winterberry community and extended family.   Each year the WPG Auction Committee strives to create a beautiful, delicious, entertaining evening for our community to come together and celebrate and support our Waldorf-Inspired education.

    Each Winterberry family is asked to contribute or procure at least three (3) Items.

    • Class Auction Project: assist in its creation by giving time, materials, or other resources
    • Class Basket: help coordinate your class basket and/or contribute an item to it.
    • Contribute an item or service from your family or business;
      • Can you host a brunch or workshop?
      • A weekend cabin, an excursion, an art or craft item, tasty beverages?
      • Think outside the box! Yes, YOU can create BUZZ around your business.
    • Visit our 2018 Auction Website for more information.


    Auction with parents

    credit: Wendy Spencer Photography

    Community Building Events and Volunteering

    Additionally, the WPG hosts the Welcome Back BBQ, Enchanted Village & Winter Faire to celebrate our community.  Many hands make light work and all our volunteer efforts weave us together into a strong, healthy community.

    snow hand tracks

    There are so many ways to help.

    Want to learn more?  Reach out to us at winterberryparentguild@gmail.com or talk to your class rep.


    The WPG is a representative parent body made up of one member per class (9), a faculty member, and 6 officers. Each class also designates an alternate with full voting rights to fill in when the primary representative is not available. In addition, one parent member is appointed by the WPG as the WPG/WCC Liaison who is a voting member of both bodies.