Welcome to Fall Term 2021

  • Welcome to Fall Term 2021



    Home School online classes will open on August 30th but officially start September 7th  and will end December 10th, 2021.    During this time, students are expected to complete an entire semester's worth of work, and all courses contain pacing guides which students are expected to follow to keep on track to complete the course by December 16th.


    Pacing in online classes can vary and students are welcome to work ahead and finish in a quarter, however, it is Home School Online  policy that a course cannot be completed in less than 6 weeks, nor take longer than 18 weeks (a semester)  . 



    Registration for classes in Fall 2021 is done through your school's Academic Advisor or Sponsor Teacher 


    September 14th is the last day to drop a class for no penalty and no charge to the homeschool allotment; drops after this date will result in a WF posted to the official transcript and a charge to the student account.

    • Most core classes are NCAA approved. 
    • Classes are $150 per online course.
    • Registrations for current high school students will be accepted for original course attempts on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Students seeking credit recovery options will need prior approval.
    • Once a class becomes full, registrations for that class will no longer be accepted.
    • Classes are subject to consolidation or cancellation due to low enrollment.





    Take some time to review the Online Orientation. In the Orientation you will find useful information on our policies and expectations as well navigation tips for your class.  The Orientation will also provide the answers to the mandatory Orientation Quiz required in most of our classes, so be sure to take a look at all parts.

    Tips:  The estimated amount of time to complete an online class is 60-90 hours. The following recommendations will help ensure your success:


    • Use Chrome as your Internet browser


    • Maintain an accurate email address in your profile.


    • Notify instructor of planned vacations or absences.


    • Communicate weekly with the instructor.


    • Follow the prescribed pacing guide as closely as possible.


    • Devote time daily to work on the class.


    • Avoid procrastination

    To check your grade visit Q Student Connect

    --Contact your school sponsor or advisor for any technical problems.