• Welcome to PAIDEIA Summer Term


    High School students may choose to take up to two courses for enrichment, credit recovery, or original attempt.   


    Middle School students may choose to take one elective for .5 credit or one of more non-credit enrichment tutorials. 


    During this time, students are expected to complete an entire semester's worth of work, and all courses contain pacing guides that students are expected to follow to keep on track to complete the course by the end of June .


    • Most original attempts for high school core classes are NCAA approved. 
    • Classes and enrichment tutorials are free of charge. 
    • Registrations for current high school students will be accepted for original course attempts on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Students seeking credit recovery options will need prior approval.
    • Once a class becomes full, registrations for that class will no longer be accepted.
    • Classes are subject to consolidation or cancellation due to low enrollment.