Social Studies

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    Alaska Studies Online (H3310PV)

    Alaska Studies is an in-depth exploration of the rich geographic and cultural background of the state and its people from the early native peoples to the Russian era through statehood to the present. This course includes an examination of the geography, history, and political and economic forces that have shaped contemporary Alaska. Content is organized around the five themes of, population, land, resource, governance, and cultural landscape. The course seeks to ensure that students have a strong foundation in the historic and cultural contexts of issues facing the state so they will develop a broad sense of community and strengthen skills that will encourage thoughtful consideration of issues and choices facing Alaska.


    Psychology Online (H3685PV)

    Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior from early childhood through old age. Students will explore how an organism's physical state, mental state, and external environment affect behavior and mental processes. Sample topics include: how people learn, think, feel and behave; how developmental stages are important in the human life cycle; how self-concept is developed through relationships with parents, peers and culture; and how brain functions are affected by environmental conditions.


    US Government Online (H3075PV)

    This course is founded on the belief that to become an informed and active citizen, an understanding of government is essential. This course will feature both the structure of government and the function of politics. It will include both theory and practical application of the following: 1) foundations of United States government, 2) institutions and policymaking, 3) principles of the United States constitution, 4) roles and responsibilities of the citizens and 5) political behavior.


    World History Online / Honors World History Online (H3315S1PV)

    This course provides a study of world history. Included in the first semester of the ASD world history curriculum are the geographic regions of Greece, Rome, India, The Far East; China, Japan, Korea, and Africa. Geography, humanities, religions, government, economy, society, science, and technology are some of the themes/perspectives by which these areas of the world will be explored.

    US History Online / US History Online   H3317S1PV)

    This online course provides the study of United States history with some integration of world history. Historiography, geography, economics, government, humanities, sociology, religions, philosophy, science, and technology are some of the themes/perspectives by which US history will be examined. The first semester will investigate/explore the American experience through the post WW I era (roaring twenties) and the beginning of the Great Depression. The second semester will investigate/explore the American experience from the Great Depression through contemporary America.