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    Forensic Science I Online (H2560PV)

    Fingerprints. Blood spatter. DNA analysis. The world of law enforcement is increasingly making use of the techniques and knowledge from the sciences to better understand the crimes that are committed and to catch those individuals responsible for the crimes. Forensic science applies scientific knowledge to the criminal justice system. This course focuses on some of the techniques and practices used by forensic scientists during a crime scene investigation (CSI). Starting with how clues and data are recorded and preserved, the student will follow evidence trails until the CSI goes to trial, examining how various elements of the crime scene are analyzed and processed.


    Astronomy Online (H2621PV)

    This course is designed to build a coherent understanding of the earth-space relationship. Emphasis will be on the development of astronomical concepts such as planetary motion, the structure of galaxies, and various theories about the formation of the universe.