• Winterberry grows great teachers.

    THANK YOU for 85% schoolwide participation in this teacher training fundraiser during October 2023!


    And great teachers grow joyful, creative kids. Since 2005, our school community has made a strong commitment to fund continuing professional development and Waldorf training and certification for our teachers. One BIG way we do this is through Winterberry Parent Guild’s fall annual giving campaign. This October fundraiser directly supports the training necessary to provide the tuition-free, holistic, Waldorf-inspired education families depend on every day. The ask is simply for full, 100% community participation and any amount counts. Families give an amount equal to the value we place on this whole-child learning experience. Many donate recurring contributions of $10-20 per student, per month. Many also make a one-time donation every year anywhere between $15-$5,000.


    Our teachers nurture whole humans. All teachers must be certified to teach in the State of Alaska. Additionally, Winterberry teachers need specialized Waldorf training to offer the “head, heart, hands,” whole-person education that allows our children to flourish. It’s an education steeped in beauty, reverence and the wonders of the natural world. Winterberry teachers allow for the gentle unfolding of each child and feed an innate love of learning through connection, presence, play and storytelling. Waldorf teachers progress with their students from Grade 1 through Grade 8, building relationships with each student and tailoring Waldorf curriculum to the evolving needs of the class from year to year. That's why many of the school's dedicated faculty devote time during the summer to ongoing professional development training. Contributions to GARDEN ensure they’re ready to provide this high-quality education to their class as they grow together.


    Visit the Winterberry Parent Guild website to learn more.