Welcome to the Anchorage School District

Choosing the best program for your family

Big number 1 ‌Determine your child's needs

Think about your child’s educational needs and your objectives as a parent. It’s up to you because only you know what’s most important to your family. Is it test scores, learning a second language, a specific academic focus, proximity to your home, before- and after-school programs, or some other factor?



Big number 2 ‌Research your options

Once you know what you and your child need from a school, learn about the choices in education that ASD offers. First become familiar with your neighborhood school, then evaluate options for other schools. Choose the one that’s the best fit for your child. Ensure you understand the application and lottery process for alternative and charter schools.




Big number 2

‌Enroll or register

Students new to the district will need to go through an enrollment process while a shorter registration process is used for returning students. Either way, completed paperwork needs to be submitted to the school your child will be attending.


Also take time to find out how to get involved at the school and help your child have a successful year.



Students who are new to the Anchorage School District need to enroll, including kindergartners.






Students who are returning and already enrolled in the district need to register.



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