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Online Lottery System

  • The Anchorage School District offers additional schools or programs outside the typical neighborhood school. The District utilizes a randomized lottery system to provide equal opportunity for all students who would like to participate in one of these alternative schools or programs. To participate in a school or program outside your child’s neighborhood school, a lottery application must be submitted during the following application windows.


    Fall Lottery:

    • March 29, 2024 – Lottery opens for applications
    • July 19, 2024 – Lottery closes for applications
    • July 23, 2024 – Lottery runs
    • July 26, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. – Notifications of lottery results are released

Lottery Process

  • Lotteries are held two times each year; during the spring and fall. 


    The system produces randomly selected student lists that have been organized and ranked according to the district's lottery policy. No student shall be denied participation because of a learning disability, handicapping condition or special need. Lottery procedures are determined by Administrative Regulation (AR) 5116(a).


    Submit an Application

    In order to participate in a school or program outside of your child's neighborhood school, an application must be submitted. ASD's online system allows parents to easily apply to the desired school or program. If your child is currently attending a school/program as a result of a lottery placement, a new application is not necessary for that school each year. Your child may continue attending until aging out of the school/program. Parents have the option to apply to multiple school/programs.


    Check the Application Status

    Parents/Guardian may check their students' application status at anytime on their dashboard. Parents/ guardians will be notified of any changes to their application status through email or text dependent on the notification preference you chose. It is very important to keep your contact information current. Contact your school about any changes. 

Using the Online System

    • Have a Q/ParentConnection account?
      Current ASD parents can access the lottery system by navigating to the log in screen and entering your Q ParentConnect ID and Password.

Language Immersion Programs

  • ASD offers a number of Language Immersion Programs in various schools throughout the District. The Lottery provides access to these programs.


    Beginning in kindergarten, students are immersed for approximately half of their school day in a total language experience within a multicultural setting. The programs continue into designated feeder middle and high schools and give students the advantage of becoming proficient in two languages (English and a second language) by the time they graduate from the immersion program as seniors. There is also a K-8 German immersion program at Rilke Schule German Charter School of Arts and Sciences. 


    If you have an interest in a Language Immersion program, learn more here.