• Middle School Homeschool Only

    Families who choose to homeschool their children have an array of opportunities for learning.  Families can design, develop, and instruct learning based on what works best for his/her learning.  Families who homeschool students can do so based on family dynamics, principles, and beliefs.  Your child’s advisory teacher will be able to assist and guide families with as much or as little information needed.  Advisory teachers are available to support and answer questions relating to curriculum, student progress, assessment, and more. Some families choose to develop independent study courses or passion projects.  These courses allow students to work independently on assignments.  Teachers are available to answer questions and problem solve. 


    Students enrolled in AKChoice have access to their neighborhood school (if residing in the ASD attendance area).  Students are able to take up to three classes as well as participate in extracurricular activities.  


    Students can also use ASD-approved vendors for a variety of options.  Please see our vendor-approved list.  If a vendor is not on the list, you can work with your advisory teacher for accommodations.

    Face to Face Workshops






    Mondays & Wednesdays

    Students will have access to four core content workshops that focus on grade-level standards for that content.  These courses require 2-3 hours of additional work that will need to be completed outside of the workshop.

    Cost:  $200 per course per semester

    F2F Schedule


    Math 7


    Integrated Science


    Pre Algebra 


    Integrated Science







    MS Language Arts


    Middle school Online Courses (HOL)

    FREE E Dynamic  These courses are overseen by an staff/teacher.

    FREE Middle School HOL Courses These courses are overseen by an ASD staff/teacher and include a once-a-week Zoom meeting for questions and answers.


    English 6

    Integrated Science 6

    Digital Art and Design

    English 7

    Integrated Science 7

    Exploring Business

    English 8

    Integrated Science 8

    Career Exploration

    MS World History

    Pre Algebra


    MS Geography

    Math 6


    MS US History

    Math 7


    Edmentum Courses ($200 per semester for up to 4 courses including elective and core courses.) With parent oversight control.  These are not monitored by a teacher.

    See Catalog


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  • At AKChoice, you are in the driver's seat of your child's education. The above recommendations are some of our most popular curriculum picks, but you can choose from hundreds of other programs, as well.