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PAIDEIA Online Learning System (OLS)

  • PAIDEIA Online Learning System (OLS) provides families with an opportunity to manage student learning plan, allotment, and track reimbursements. 


    👈 For OLS training videos see the menu on the left: Returning and New Families.


    For OLS questions contact Paideiahelp@asdk12.org


    How to Login to OLS 

    * The OLS works best on a computer browser. It may not work for you on a mobile device.


    • Go to: https://akpaideia.com
    • Username: Your ASD Q ParentConnect registered email address
    • Password: Your unique password for OLS (new families see New section and previous families see Returning section)  


    OLS student data syncs with Q ParentConnect. You will use your ASD registered email address for OLS login. Need to update it? Contact our front office. 


    Reimbursements Questions


    1. When are the deadlines?

    • Fall semester- 3:00 PM December 3, 2021 for purchases dated 8/21 - 11/30/21
    • Spring semester- 3:00 PM April 22, 2022 for purchases dated 12/1/21 - 4/16/22


    2. What do we reimburse?

    See Parent Handbook for clarifications.


    3. How does the reimbursement process work? 

    Receipts are submitted online through the OLS. Please watch OLS videos for reimbursement submissions.

    Please Note: Receipts are accepted in a PDF format only.


    Need a PDF Scanner App for your phone?


    See the image below for an example of a CORRECT RECEIPT: