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PAIDEIA Online Learning System (OLS)

  • PAIDEIA Online Learning System (OLS) provides families with an opportunity to manage student learning plan, allotment, and track reimbursements. 


    👈 For OLS "How-To" videos see the menu on the left: Returning and New Families.


    For OLS questions contact your advisor.


    How to Login to OLS 

    * The OLS works best on a computer browser. It may not work for you on a mobile device.


    • Go to: https://akpaideia.com
    • Username: Your ASD Q ParentConnect registered email address
    • Password: Your unique password for OLS (new families see New section and previous families see Returning section)  


    OLS student data syncs with Q ParentConnect. You will use your ASD registered email address for OLS login. Need to update it? Contact our front office. 


    Reimbursements Questions


    1. When are the deadlines?

    • Fall semester- 3:00 PM December 2, 2022 for purchases dated 8/22/22 - 11/30/22
    • Spring semester- 3:00 PM April 21, 2023 for purchases dated 12/1/22 - 4/14/23


    2. What do we reimburse?

    See Parent Handbook for clarifications.


    3. How does the reimbursement process work? 

    Receipts and reimbursement requests are submitted online through the OLS. Please watch OLS "How-To" videos to learn more.

    Generally, you should receive your check within 30 days. Please Note: Receipts are accepted in a PDF format only.


    Need a PDF Scanner App for your phone?


    See the image below for an example of a CORRECT RECEIPT: