• There are endless ways to homeschool with PAIDEIA! We can create a custom plan that best suits your child and family. Near or far; in-person or online; full-time or dual enrolled, we're here to support you!


    Check out the ways PAIDEIA families homeschool below!

  • Kellan is an amazing (and very well-rounded) student! His family collaborated with us to create a completely customized learning plan that works for them! Kellan participates in our 4th and 5th grade workshop at PAIDEIA, works with various vendors, and homeschools with his family. When he’s not working on his schooling, he’s on the ice rink or out in the community finding hands-on learning experiences with his mom. Way to go, Kellan (and family)!

  • This elementary family is traveling around the world! They are homeschooling using a mix of curricular supplies and extension activities based on the region they're in. Amazing!

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