• Fall Semester 21-22 Schedule

    Enriched Virtual (EV) Class Cost: $225 per class per semester

    These classes are offered on campus but students are can choose to attend classes in person or via Zoom.


    Monday/Wednesday Schedule - Please see your teacher for couse Zoom Link


      (R37) (R38) Sci Lab (R39) (R 29)
    9:30-10:45 MS LA/His 6 MS Science 7 MS Algebra Cyber Lounge
    10:50-12:05 MS LA/His 8 MS Science 6 MS Pre Algebra Cyber Lounge
    12:05-12:35 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
    12:40-1:55 MS LA/His 7 MS Science 8 MS Math Cyber lounge


    • Level 6 - Students will start with BS Level G 
    • Level 7 - Students will start 2/3 into BS Level G for the first semester and then begin Level H
    • Level 8 - Students will start with BS Level H