BioTapp (Biotechnology Training & Preparatory Program)‌

  • Students in BioTapp program BioTaPP is an Anchorage School District, Career and Technology Education (CTE) program currently housed at Chugiak High School. The course is designed to give students experience in fundamental biotechnological techniques and laboratory skills used in biological research and industry.

    The program is the first of its kind in Alaska and has partnerships with Bio-Rad, Sandia National Labs, UAF, UAA, USGS and other related companies which have reviewed the types of activities instructed to give students the best possibility of getting entry level positions out of high school or a working in a UA lab while attending college. BioTaPP is for those students who wish to learn more biotechnological techniques and want to work independently on a science project involving laboratory and library research. BioTaPP is a rigorous program that will challenge students ability to think critically about contemporary ideas in the life sciences as well as peak their curiosity in designing their own experiments and conducting research. The course also stresses employability skills and workplace etiquette. 

    BioTaPP participants will earn life science ASD Credit and CTE credit. BioTaPP is also part of the Health Careers Pathway and will soon qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship. 

    Students completing their first year are not required to enroll in a second year if they so choose. Program Graduates will be qualified to work in UA University labs upon entry into a UA college or university. 



    BioTaPP seeks to make a positive contribution to the emerging fields of biological and environmental science through professionally supported, student centered instruction and research utilizing the applications and foundations of biotechnology.  BioTaPP aspires to produce students who achieve their highest potential as they grow to become confident and competent leaders in the 21st century. 



    BioTaPP is open for students who are mature, resourceful, responsible, patient and interested in pursuing science work in the future. 

    BioTaPP is a rigorous course requiring active participation and the ability to work collaboratively with other students as well as professionals in the community. Students will be expected to present and share information on a regular basis and be comfortable with peer reviewing of their work and of others. Prerequisites, application and interview must be completed for entry into the program. Each applicant will be look at on a case-by-case basis. Each student should: 

       • Be in 11th through 12th grades
       • Completed a General Biology I or AP course and Algebra I
       • Have completed a Chemistry Course (may be concurrently enrolled)
       • Have completed an Interview, and obtained instructor approval 


    Yearly Outlook

    Year one (BioTaPP 1 and 2) students will be considered from students who have completed the prerequisites as well as completed an interview.. Year one concentrates on the foundations of biotechnology.  Students will learn basic applications, protocols, and general techniques typically used in labs and industry.  

    Year two students (BioTaPP 3 and 4) are accepted by application from students who have successfully completed the first year BioTaPP, and show exceptional proficiency in the lab as well as strong mentoring qualities.  Year two students will have mastered the basic foundations introduced during year one and will be exposed to more advanced protocols and applications.  Students will serve as mentors for year one students and during the second semester will have the opportunity to produce a major project. 

    Additionally, BioTaPP focuses of the development of "Soft Skills" which are transferable skills that students can use in any industry or career. Soft skills include interpersonal skills or people skills, communication, creative Problem solving, conflict resolution and negotiation, strategic thinking, and team building. 

    BioTaPP also puts a large emphasis on personal habits such as attendance, preparedness, workplace etiquette and dress attire. Soft Skills are calculated into the overall grade of the student. 



    There will be a $60 Lab course fee to cover the cost of a professional lab notebook, lab coat, safety glasses and to help support student projects.  This fee can be paid to Polaris K-12 or Chugiak High School and either mailed or dropped off at the school.