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  • the teachers of WDS, Ruley, Torbensen, Mason, Handeland, Logan


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    A school-within-a-school alternative course of high school study within Chugiak High School.  The main goal is to establish a smaller learning community that creates a sense of identity, belonging, and teamwork within the WDS program, while maintaining strong ties to the CHS families of departments and programs. At present, WDS consists of approximately 125 students and a team of 4 teachers. The program employs the Paideia methodology, a Socratic ­based learning/teaching technique focused on in-depth understanding of classic historical and literary documents. Discussion and written expression of ideas coming out of the seminar process are emphasized along with challenging projects, hands on activities, and community involvement.  Students work toward becoming multifaceted thinkers by examining and questioning real world events: past, present and future. 

    The goal of WDS is to assist young people to become avid, self-motivated learners. In the classroom, students will examine, define, draw conclusions, articulate, and debate about the significance of great historical, literary, mathematical, and scientific ideas. A student’s full range of credits for both English and social studies will be completed in this program.

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