Parking Lot Safety and Pickup Procedure

  • Please remember that there are small children you may not be able to see in our parking lot at all different times of the day. It is imperative you drive slowly in the parking lot and through our pickup lane. We also ask that you respect the directions the crossing attendants are giving you, not only is it safer, but greatly speeds up the process for all. Municipality of Anchorage Code states no faster than 15 MPH in ANY parking lot and tickets in School Zones are double fines.


    Student pickup is 3:00 – 3:15 pm. We highly recommend parents stagger their arrival to reduce lines and the time you have to wait in line. This could be arriving at 3:05, 3:10, or even 3:15.

    When lining up your vehicle for pickup along the sidewalk, please pull ALL THE WAY forward to the corner of the sidewalk. If you are waiting in that line before 3:00 pm, please do not leave your vehicles running. The fumes are hazardous to the students and staff.

    To speed up the pickup process, please place a sign in the passenger window of your vehicle with the grades and names of children you are picking up. That way no matter who is on the radio, we can insure your child(ren) are called down quickly.

    *Reminder about Car Seat Safety

    Just a friendly reminder about Alaska’s car seat requirements. We want all of our students arriving safely to school and at home each day!! AS 28.05.095:  A child “over four years of age but less than eight years of age who is less than 57 inches in height and weighs 20 or more pounds but less than 65 pounds shall be properly secured in a booster seat that is secured by a seat belt system or by another child passenger restraint system that meets or exceeds the standards of the United States Department of Transportation and is used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.”

Annual Fees

  • Each student is assessed an annual $125 activity fee. It goes towards field trips, specialized German materials, German school books, and many other things your student participates in. Beginning in 2022-23 school year, a separate supply fee is also in place. We will purchase all common supplies for students, which is intended to save parents time/money and to enable our teachers to pre-order the exact supplies they’ll need for their classrooms. You can these fees through ASD’s Q ParentConnection. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact the principal.

Volunteer Hours

  • Anything you do to support the school counts toward your family volunteer requirement of 4 hours/month. Did you volunteer at Oktoberfest, help in your child's classroom, host an exchange student or attend a RSV, RSI or APC meeting? Log your volunteer hours after each time via our online form. Don’t let those earned hours go uncounted or get forgotten!

Art Shirts

  • Make sure you have given an old t-shirt or shirt to your child's teacher to have on hand for Art class, unless you want that amazing artwork they are creating to also become a permanent part of your child's wardrobe...