• 2024-26 PTA Board
    President: Zoya Stephens
    Vice President: Tetyana Sokolova
    Secretary: Kyle Mirka
    Treasurer: Ariel Johannes



  • Contact us: nlabcpta@gmail.com


    You're in a great position to help children succeed!

    • PTA is the number one voice for parent involvement.
    • Children succeed when families, schools, and work together. PTA helps develop those relationships through resources, programs, and advocacy.
    • You're not alone. PTA is a network of trained and passionate volunteers just like you, ready to assist you when you need help.
    • You are part of a powerful voice for all children, working with like-minded people around the country and the world to improve the education and well-being youth.
    • You are supported by real people information about children and education you can use today.
    • PTA makes a big difference by influencing the decisions of legislators and other organizational leaders-and PTA works with parents locally to ensure proper funding, leadership, and instruction for all schools and school districts.
    • You can be a role model to your children and your community.