Letter from PTA

  • PTA Update for Family Members of NLABC Students,


    What a great year, we are over half-way through and would like to take an opportunity to thank all the coordinators and volunteers for PTA events so far!  We also want family members to know a little more about what your PTA accomplishes and why we encourage you to become a PTA member.  Membership funds help support our local and State PTA as well as give you the ability to discuss how funds are spent at our school and voice your thoughts about what is done.


    The following events indicate a little of what the PTA supports.  The Fall Carnival and Auction was coordinated by Rachal Sundberg, Mahtab Samali-Baumgartner, enjoyed by all and on top of it, over $19,000 was raised!!  The Thanksgiving Day Feast, coordinated by Jodi Taylor and Paul Thiel, was an event to remember.  The kids enjoyed demonstrating their thankfulness and participated in the annual parade and lunch.  While the kids pay a little over the cost of a hot lunch, the catering for the event was over what was brought in by approximately $1,500.  We appreciate those of you who gave a little extra toward the food costs and we are looking at ways to reduce the cost next year.  If you have expertise in this area or soliciting donations, we would love your assistance!  Many of you are enjoying your child’s artwork on the items you purchased through Art to Remember, made possible through the coordination of Lonna Schierling.  There were some awesome pieces of art and we raised $2,551.  Because of efforts of Misty Ellis, you can proudly wear Spirit Wear.  Andrea Chang works with Lifetouch to bring us Picture Day every Fall and Spring; this Fall brought in $1,227.  The Spring and Fall Book Fairs, coordinated by Ms. Collins provide extra support to our library.  Fall sales generated $3,000+ in books for the library and Spring Fairs bring in approximately $1200 as well as $400 in books.  All your support for Box Tops, which Rachel Henderson runs, generated $1,134 so far this year, and Popcorn Sales headed by Jodi Marcum and Amber Forth raised $1,434.


    Now you ask, what does the money from these fund-raisers support…our children!  Shani Rinner heads up Tiger Reading; prizes (shirts, medals, trophies, Title Wave certificates, and monthly goal prizes), and of course the end of year event with Ms. Wallace comes from PTA funds!  Additionally, innovative Tiger Reading staff revamped the way prizes are done for middle grades; instead of giving prize bags, students receive Tiger Bucks which can be exchanged at the school store.  This works only through the efforts of volunteers who staff/supply the store during lunch on Fridays, so thank you Melody Martynowicz, Mrs. Shasby, Bessie Paraoan!  The PTA also provides additional monetary support to each Classroom Teacher & program including Art, Music, PE, Library, Technology and Nurse for necessary supplies.  Our staff is also pampered for a week during Staff Appreciation Week, headed up by Kim Griffith.  Additional purchases include:  radios to ensure proper staff communication with the principal and office personnel, helping enhance the safety of the children; Chromebooks/Carts/Wi-Fis for Middle School students’ use; and additional playground equipment.  Funds also support NLABC student activities that otherwise might not happen including:  buses for field trips, Battle of the Books, Science Fair activities, Science Olympiad, Field Day, 6th Grade Camp, and Middle School spirit days & events.  All of which have their own awesome coordinators!


    As you can see, nothing happens without coordinators and volunteers!  After seeing all the great things happening at NLABC, we hope you are chomping at the bit to get involved with your PTA and the upcoming events.  Our stellar volunteer coordinator has already set up most of these in VolunteerSpot (http://vols.pt/TigerTeam).  However, we are in need of a few KEY people!  Math and Science night needs a coordinator and volunteers.  Our March Read-a-Thon is seeking an “advertiser”.  Most importantly, the school needs volunteers to step into the positions of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Without these officers, we cannot have a PTA. If you are willing to coordinate/partner with an individual please text/call Amy Fredenhagen @ (907) 360-3469 or Leisa Foster (308) 430-0749.


    The PTA board appreciates our many event coordinators and volunteers who have worked to make NLABC a great place for kids…are you ready to rise to the occasion as well?