Fundraising Opportunities

  • WPG event cycle

    Winterberry’s dedicated teachers devote much of their summers to multi-year professional development and Waldorf training. Contributions to annual fundraisers ensure that they’re ready to provide the high-quality education students depend on every day. All teachers must be fully trained and certified to teach in the State of Alaska. Additionally, Winterberry teachers need specialized Waldorf training to offer the “head, heart, hands,” whole-person education that allows children to flourish. It’s an education steeped in beauty and the natural world, reverence and storytelling, play and wonder that allows for the gentle unfolding of each child and feeds an inherent love of learning. The  Winterberry Parent Guild coordinates two main annual fundraising efforts to fund teacher training and other schoolwide or classroom needs.


    • GARDEN (Give Annually. Reap Dreams. Educate. Nurture.) giving campaign throughout October
      This is the only fundraiser for which volunteer time, materials or skills are not required. The ask is simply for full, 100% community participation, which can help our school receive grants. Any amount counts.
    • Head, Heart and Hands spring auction in April
      The annual springtime Head, Heart and Hands auction often raises the most funds. Parents, teachers, staff and alumni friends of Winterberry and community education supporters gleefully bid to bolster Waldorf education with camaraderie, cajoling and cash.
    • WPG Events
      Welcome Potluck, Family Dance, Beautiful Bazaar and Winter Faire dates are announced on the school's event calendar.
    • Eighth Grade Capstone Trip
      This culminating experience marks the children's formative years together and deepens understanding of their studies. The class begins earning money together in Grade 5 with opportunities at Winter Faire and other events.


    Read the Winterberry Parent Guild's 2022-23 Annual Report