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    The Anchor Media Productions (AMP) Program focuses on designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content including visual and performing arts and design, journalism, and entertainment services. This pathway prepares students to enter into careers in broadcast journalism. 



    Media & Broadcasting Foundations (H8515)flowchart of AMP courses

    • Explore the use of multimedia to tell a compelling story.
    • Learn about the history and ethics of media and explore related potential careers.  
    • Become competent in Adobe Photoshop
    • Become competent in iMovie
    • Learn Photography and photojournalism skills, including caption writing
    • Create of an e-portfolio using Google sites


    Broadcast Journalism I (H0801)

    Explore foundational skills in broadcast journalism; including ethics, laws, history, career exploration and camera presence.

    • Develop communicative writing skills for broadcast news.
    • Employ interviewing, revision, and editing skills to produce polished news pieces.
    • At the end of this course, students will examine and reflect on developed skills.  
    • English Credit


    Broadcast Journalism II (HO802)

    Successful completion of this course prepares participants for the journalistic aspects of the Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications pathway capstone course. In-depth and technical journalism skills will be utilized to focus on thematic news writing and production.

    • Develop advanced writing, editing and news production skills.
    • Gain specific skills, focusing on broadcasting and purpose-driven video editing skills.
    • Explore and research the various career paths of broadcast journalism and how they can apply their skills in various careers.
    • English Credit


    Production Studio Technologies I (H8161)

    At the end of this course students are prepared to produce content and tell their own digital story.

    • Develop skills in audio and video production using a range of cameras, audio recording, and audio mixing devices.
    • Become familiar with various multimedia-editing suites.
    • Participate in the various aspects of a daily news broadcast.


    Production Studio Technologies II (H8162)

    Successful completion of this course prepares participants for the technical aspects of the Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications pathway capstone course.

    • Explore more technical aspects of audio and video production.
    • Advance skills in modern and changing equipment. Gain focused experience in professional editing software.


    Capstone: Studio Production Live (H8160)

    All students take this at the end of the pathway, which simulates a real-world working environment.  During this course, students will put all skills from prior pathway classes to use in the live production of daily news broadcasts with diverse teams and experience the value of each working position in a live broadcast setting. Culmination of the course will lead to a professional portfolio along with a knowledge of educational, entrepreneurial, and career opportunities.

    • Develop leadership and team working skills while gaining experience running and managing all aspects of a professional broadcast media company.
    • Develop graphics, run cameras, anchor, mix feeds, create keys, and manage the logistics of live streaming content.


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    West high students produce an episode of Orange Juice, the school's video news program  students record an episode of Orange Juice, West High's video news program