Year 1

  • Operator Academy logo Introduction to Process Technology


    Welcome to the world of Process. This class is designed to introduce you to the world of Process Industries and prepare you to enter a post-secondary training program or the workforce with a collection of identifiable skills.


    All West High School rules will be followed, so no cell phones, iPods, or other (non-approved) electronic devices should be in use or visible during class time.

Overview of Topics This Year


  • Introduction to Process Technology, Prentice Hall, 2010


    Items you will need every day in class:

    1. Your process logbook, which will include:
      1. daily instrument readings
      2. classwork/homework
      3. process puzzles
      4. labs/projects
    2. Industry appropriate clothing and attitude



    Attendance is the single most important factor for success in this class.  You must be in class and on-time. This program is direct preparation for industry and industry does not tolerate absent or chronically tardy employees. The expectation is that you will be present for every class, prepared to begin work when the bell rings. If at any time during the year that expectation cannot be met, you must make alternate arrangements with the instructor.



    Potential hazards to health and safety are everywhere in the process industries. The ability to work safely in these environments is essential, and is the single highest priority for nearly every employer. Every class period will begin with a short safety discussion and every student is expected to participate in these discussions and follow established safety guidelines.


    Working in groups:

    Employment in the process industries is contingent on being able to work with other operators and effectively communicate with supervisors and contractors. We will be modeling this in the classroom by developing working teams for group projects and lab assignments. Sometimes you will choose partners, other times you will be assigned to a team, and at all times you are expected to work with others in a professional manner. 


    Late work:

    Late work will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. All work missed due to excused absences must be made up within one week (including exams).


    Grades will be calculated as a percentage of total points. Here are some examples of activities in this class that will be assigned points and a typical range of point values for each:


    Participation (5-10 points)

    You are expected to participate in class discussions and group projects.

    Labs (10-30 points)

    You will be performing labs that with help you understand process concepts, equipment, and instruments.  The labs will be recorded in your process logbooks for grading.

    Homework/classwork (10-20 points)

    Homework will be given periodically.  You will usually have class time to start and maybe even finish the homework, if you work diligently.


    Projects (50-100 points)

    Expect at least one big project per quarter.  These projects will usually require the use of a computer and the internet. You will always be given some class time to complete the project., but they may also require time outside of school to complete.

    Quizzes/Tests (10-30 points)

    Expect a quiz about once a week, usually on Fridays.  These quizzes will be a review of the material recently covered.  They will normally be short in length.  Tests will be given about every 3 weeks.


    **Grades will be posted to Zangle as soon as possible and I strongly recommend that both students and parents

        check them regularly.


    Grading Scale

    90 – 100%                   A

    80 – 89%                     B

    70 – 79%                     C

    60 – 69%                     D

    less than 60%               F


    Please take this syllabus home and have your parents read it.  If you or your parents have any questions or would like to discuss the class, please contact me at school. The best way to reach me is by email at:


    I have read and understand the course syllabus and I accept the expectations associated with this class.



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