• Ewout

    Ewout Damen
    Teacher Assistant
    Kindergarten/First Grade

    Born and raised in the Netherlands, Ewout is the middle child of an older brother and younger sister. He has an interest in teaching and education. While in high school he volunteered at his old elementary school and discovered his passion of working with children.


    Ewout volunteered in various aspects while living in Europe, America, and Africa. He worked at castles in France, assisted in Waldorf music building in Vermont and organizing festivals, as well as worked at a Nature reserve in Botswana. He lived a year in Norway at a Folkhogskule and studied there Norwegian, Social studies, woodworking, “friluftsliv” (environmental/nature education).


    Horseback riding was one of Ewout’s passions growing up, getting outdoors; see the world and its nature and cultures.


    Ewout moved to Alaska with his wife and child in 2013. They learned about Winterberry through applying for the WHP (hybrid)  in 2018 for their son. (who now is in Ms. Silcox’s class). We loved Winterberry immediately and since 2019 I have been a part of the great family that is known as Winterberry where I assist Ms. Lisa in Kindergarten and Ms. Bennett in first grade.



    Jenna Counts
    Teacher Assistant
    Special Education