Internet Use Policy

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    Students should follow ASD Policy for Internet Use
Internet /E-mail or Network/Computer Misuse: Students are required to use school computers, school or district networks, and the Internet system in an appropriate manner. Inappropriate use of computers, school or district networks, Internet, e-mail, ASD equipment used in ASD facilities, or at/for ASD events, is prohibited. Inappropriate use may include, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Accessing, sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures 
    • Using obscene language
    • Harassing, demeaning, defaming, insulting, threatening or attacking others
    • Violating copyright laws
    • Using another’s password, impersonating another person 
    • Trespassing in another’s folders, work or files 
    • Deliberately damaging hardware or software 
    • Employing the ASD or school network for commercial purposes 
    • Using district computers for illegal activities 
    • Plagiarism (claiming work done by someone else as one’s own as per ASD Student
    • Handbook, Section III-4)


    Anchorage School District Administrators will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation related to any illegal activities conducted through Internet access.