Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity is the foundation of online learning. Cheating is discouraged

    As the basis for learning and instruction, there are a variety of tools that we
    use to ensure the integrity of student work.   Among these tools are:

    This Internet tool compares student work against a variety of databases. This database compares students’ work against other students’ work, as well as work found on the Internet.


    Zangle – ASD student Information System

    Q visits serves maintains a record of student integrity incidents or violations and this information is used to monitor the number of student integrity issues. 


    Teacher Experience

    Online instructors have extensive classroom experience. Their expertise is often a guide in identifying the level of originality in student work.


    Proctored Exams

     Some core classes utilize a screen capture service, Proctor U, that proctors exams from a student's home computer. 


    Academic Integrity

    Community members, guidance counselors, parents, and students can call or email any academic integrity-related issue anonymously.