Course Catalog

  • ASDV Course Catalog

    ASD Virtual (ASDV) offers a full range of core academics, including honors and Advanced Placement (AP) levels, plus an extensive high-interest elective / career and technical education (CTE) course offerings to both middle and high school students.

High School Apex Catalog

  • Career Ready Program

    eDynamic courses via Canvas prepare students for their future and puts them on a path towards high-demand, high-wage careers. This program offers sequenced learning tracks aligned to national standards and to the doorstep of industry-recognized certifications.

    Electives are broken into three categories:

    Fun Interesting Electives 

    These electives offer students unique and specialized digital courses accessing an enriching, well-rounded cross-cutting skills curriculum.

    Intermediate Electives 

    The Intermediate Electives offers students unique elective and career courses for students to explore a variety of professions and receive the knowledge and preparation needed to make life-shaping decisions prior to high school. 

    CTE Electives

    eDynamic Learning is the largest publisher of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and elective courses in North America offering online digital courses for 6-12 students. Courses listed below follow the National Career Clusters® categories and can serve as a textbook replacement or to supplement the classroom curriculum. eDynamic Learning’s Career Ready Program™ courses are aligned to industry certifications.