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    Grades 6-12 Curriculum

  • We are excited that your family selected the ASD Virtual program to help your student build knowledge and critical thinking skills that will allow them to adapt and thrive when facing new challenges. 


    The ASD Virtual 6-12 program utilizes

    • Apex Learning - Apex Learning Courses are built to standards to meet middle school requirements and strict high school graduation criteria with a rigorous curriculum. Engaging content keeps students interested and motivated to succeed. At the same time, Courses are designed to help students learn independently. 
    • eDynamics Learning - eDynamic Learning offers students sequenced learning tracks aligned to national standards of both middle school and high school, bringing students to the doorstep of industry-endorsed CTE pathways, and career preparedness. This content is accessed via Canvas.
    • Suite 360 - Suite360 offers short weekly lessons to help students develop skills to:
      • Understand and manage emotions
      • Set and reach positive goals
      • Have and show empathy toward others
      • Build and maintain positive relationships
      • Make responsible choices
      • Suite360 Secondary Brochure