• Virtual Secondary (Grades 9-12)


    We are excited that your family selected the AKChoice Virtual Learning Program to help your student build knowledge and critical thinking skills that will allow them to adapt and thrive when facing new challenges. 


    Grades 9-12 through AKChoice Virtual Learning Program utilizes the following learning platforms supported by AKChoice Virtual Learning Program teachers. Courses use a variety of e-textbooks, interactive websites, and project-based learning:


Learning Platforms

  • Apex Learning



    Apex Learning Courses are built to standards to meet middle school requirements and strict high school graduation criteria with a rigorous curriculum. Engaging content keeps students interested and motivated to succeed. At the same time, Courses are designed to help students learn independently.


    • Built for self-paced independent learning
    • Student-centered curriculum with embedded learning
    • NCAA Certified




    eDynamic Learning offers students sequenced learning tracks aligned to national standards of both middle school and high school, bringing students to the doorstep of industry-endorsed CTE pathways, and career preparedness. This content is accessed via Canvas.


    • Largest elective catalog in the U.S.
    • CTE courses for 14 different national career clusters
    • Self-paced learning



    FlexPoint K-12



    FlexPoint’s high school courses are thoughtfully designed to include a diverse range of activities. These award-winning courses give our students the foundation they need to understand new concepts and master new skills.


    What’s in a FlexPoint Course?

    • Interactive Games and Quizzes
    • Engaging Video and Audio Clips
    • Practical Written Lessons and Assessments