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How to use Canvas/eDynamic

How does my student use Canvas to access eDynamic coursework?

  • Log into Clever - - with your ASD username and password. 
  • Instructions How to Log into Clever
  • Click the Canvas Icon, this will open and display the learning platform dashboard.
    • eDynamic Courses are offered through Canvas.


This is my first time taking an eDynamic course through Canvas, how do I get started? 

  • Complete Getting Started Module
    • The first module of an eDynamic course is Getting Started.  Complete this module for information on how to be successful in an eDynamic course and to review the course syllabus and vocabulary.


How can I be successful in my eDynamic course?

  • Read, Watch, and Listen to All Course Materials
  • Take Notes
    • All students should have a notebook for their course(s). 
    • Take notes on the big ideas and information listed in the “unit objectives” sections of course.  
    • Important people, events, dates should be in notes.
  • Plan to spend an average of 2-3 hours a day on each course and work on your eDynamic classes daily, just like any other class.
  • Read posted announcements and welcome letters from your teacher(s). Check your Canvas message center every time you log in.
  • Due dates are established as a pacing guide to help you complete the course on time. Try not to fall behind.
    • You can work faster than the pacing guide if you are being successful (passing assignments and quizzes).
  • All assignments must be submitted via Canvas.


How do courses/grading work?

How do I complete the written assignments?

  • Use Google Doc or Word for your assignments.  
  • Include your name, course title, assignment, and date on all assignments.  
  • Copy/paste the questions/writing prompt into document
  • Save work as “LastnameCourseUnitAssignment#” (e.g: StudentForensicsU1Lab)
  • Write in complete sentences and/or paragraph format
  • Restate the question in answers
  • Cite your sources  (“According to the course…” or formal MLA citations at end of document)
  • Written in own words or restated, not copied from course or other sources

Submit to the assignment dropbox as an attached file OR from Google Docs as a shareable link; see Submitting Assignments via the Course Dropbox

How do I complete discussions?

  • Give your discussion post a title.
  • Restate the question in answer (answers should make sense without having the question visible—read them out and check!)
  • Write in complete sentences: minimum 1 paragraph (3-5 sentences)

How are quizzes handled in eDynamic?

  • Quizzes are timed (15 min) and can only be entered ONE time—use notes!
  • Navigating off the page or going over time will submit work with a grade.

What is some guidance for submitting answers to review and critical thinking questions?

For CRITICAL THINKING questions, there are no right or wrong answers. For example, a question on your thoughts on why you think people are shy is a pretty open-ended type of question. Grades will be based on the depth of personal insight you present. Do not simply agree or disagree with an insight question. We are looking for critical thinking and possibly a related personal experience with the question.  Always restate the question in your answer, and write in complete sentences. CITE your sources in MLA format.  Here is an example template you can use.

It is important to provide detailed answers for insight/opinion questions.

For REVIEW questions, you should produce a more academic answer. For example, "What two categories are norms divided into?" This type of direct question requires a specific answer. Please use full sentences, proper grammar, and restate the question in your answer.

What should I do when submitting paragraphs?

When submitting written assignment, review your work and ensure:

  1. The first, second or last sentence contains the main idea and key words from the question or assigned topic.
  2. Paragraph contains one to three explanatory sentences.
  3. Paragraph contains two to four sentences about specific details related to the question.
  4. Details are colorful, interesting and appropriate.
  5. Paragraph ends with a good closing sentence that refers to the main idea without repeating it.
  6. Free of spelling and grammatical errors.

 Your teacher will be grading your work based on these six items.


What do I do if I need help?

  • To contact your teacher, send an email or send a message via the Apex Message Center.
    • Include your name, Apex course name, unit or assignment number, and a specific explanation of what you need.
  • You should contact your teacher if:
    • You have questions on courses or assignments
    • You're experiencing a hardship
    • The course content is difficult to understand
    • You need additional support
  • For help on course content, your grade, or to request tutoring, contact your teacher.
  • For scheduling issues, contact your neighborhood school front office. 
  • For technical issues or general questions:

*Teachers will respond to emails and messages within 24 hours. If you send a message on a Friday, weekend, or holiday, expect a response by the end of next school day.  If you have not received a response within 48 hours, please send a message again.  


Where can I find additional info?