Safe Children's Act

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    Dear Parent(s),

    Hanshew Middle School will be teaching the 2nd Quarter Personal Safety lessons on November 26th and 4th Quarter, April 21st,  during the Advisory period. The age-appropriate lessons will be presented in a non-threatening way, along with the skills needed for self-protection. The lesson content is part of the Anchorage School District’s plan to enact the Alaska Safe Children’s Act and will be handled in a sensitive, respectful manner.

2nd Quarter Lessons

  • 7th Grade

    2nd quarter
    Lesson 2: Fitting In & Acceptance
    Lesson 5: Isolation: Staying Safe in the Virtual World

    4th quarter (4/21/20)
    The Fourth R Healthy Relationships Plus

    lesson 6: Healthy Relationship


    • Identify the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships
    • Understand the role of active listening
    • Practice the skill of active listening


  • 8th Grade

    The Fourth R, Healthy Relationships Plus

    Lesson 7: Early Warning Signs of Dating Violence

    Lesson 8: Boundaries and Assertive Communication



    • Dispel myths related to dating violence
    • Identify reasons why someone might be abusive
    • Identify early warning sign s of dating violence
    • Understand how to talk to a friend who is in an abusive relationship
    • Gain awareness of resources for support related to dating violence
    • Understand the importance of knowing your own values and boundaries
    • Understand that many influences challenge our boundaries
    • Understand the differences between assertive, passive and aggressive communication styles
    • Analyze messages communicated from body language
    • Identify communication barriers with parents
  • If you have any questions about the content of the program or if you wish to inquire about opting out, please contact the school office.


    Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to provide learning opportunities to improve the safety and well being of our students.



    Nikki Hodge

    Hanshew Middle School Principal

MAP Growth Newsletter Information

  • MAP Growth Newsletter Information


    MAP Growth is the ASD benchmark assessment for students in grades 3-9 in reading and mathematics. Grades 10-12 also take MAP Growth as part of Tier II and Tier III reading and mathematics courses.


    MAP Growth is an online assessment tool used for instructional purposes. MAP Growth is an adaptive assessment that provides each student with a personalized testing experience with data that speaks to their individual progress and growth in mathematics and reading. Practice tests and accommodations are available. MAP Growth will be administered three times per year during the ASD Benchmark windows: fall, winter and spring. The benchmark windows for 2019-2020 are:

    · Fall—September 3 - September 20

    · Winter—December 2 - December 19

    · Spring—April 20 - May 8


    MAP Growth practice tests are available to allow students the opportunity to become familiar with the types of questions and tools available on the actual MAP Grow assessments such as the highlighter and calculator. Practice tests are provided at and require login information (USERNAME: grow PASSWORD: grow) to access.