Additional Parent Information

  • NAEP Testing 

    During the 2019–2020 school year, the NAEP long-term trend assessment will be administered in schools across the country. NAEP long-term trend assessments measure student performance in mathematics and reading, and have allowed the performance of today’s students to be compared with students since the early 1970s. The table on page 1 describes the 2019–2020 assessment program for which national results will be available. Assessments in mathematics and reading will be conducted with nationally representative samples of 9-, 13-, and 17-year-old students. Selected students will participate in paper-based mathematics or reading assessments, and each student will be assessed in only one subject. NAEP representatives will bring all materials and equipment to the school on assessment day. Students will spend up to 90 minutes completing the assessment, which includes transition time, directions, and completion of a short student questionnaire. The questionnaire provides valuable information about the students’ educational experiences and learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. There will be no school or teacher questionnaires for the long-term trend assessment.

    Testing letter

    Attention Hanshew Parents 

    No medication shall be administered without proper written consent/permission by the parent/guardian and/or physician.  The school nurse will provide you with the proper from for the type of medication.  All medications must be brought to the nurse in their original container, labeled with the students' name and accompanied by the proper form.  All medications must be delivered to the nurse by the parent/guardian unless approved by the nurse or school administration. Students are prohibited from carrying any medications on school grounds except for certain emergency medications by prearrangement with the nurse and physician.  The school nurse will dispense all prescription and non-prescription medications. 

    Please be aware that the Mumps outbreaks have been reported in several states.  We would like you to be aware so here is a link to better explain - 

    Lunch Account Balances

    You can now get notification when your child’s lunch account balance runs low.

    Parents can enter information in Q ParentConnection to receive an email or phone call once their child's balance is below the threshold that the parent sets. Once logged in to Q, select Online Payments and then Student Balance Notifications.