About Clark

  • Clark Middle Pillar

    Clark Middle School empowers students for the future. In grades 6-8, caring teachers offer students a curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant. Students are provided with explicit instruction in the core subjects as well as support in writing and math. Clark carries a variety of electives, arts, sports and academic programs where student talents blossom. Students and staff benefit from strong community support and Clark Middle School continues to be an involved partner in the development of the Mountain View arts and cultural district.


    Clark Middle School is committed to creating a supportive environment which fosters life-long learning and develops effective citizens prepared to function in a changing multicultural and technological society. Understanding the characteristics of middle school students, we realize that our students are in a unique period of transition from childhood to adolescence. Therefore, we believe that we must foster partnerships that work closely with families and communities. 

    Bennetta Orchitt, Principal 

Academic Programs

  • Our program is based on the middle school concept, which uses the team approach. The school is ASD's third 6th-8th grade middle school. 

    What is a "middle school"? 

    Students, did you know when your parents were in 7th and 8th grade, they might have attended one of Anchorage's junior high schools where students often spent each class period with a completely different group of kids? Having to interact with as many as 1150 different people throughout each day could be overwhelming. Therefore, Anchorage junior high schools changed to middle school about ten years ago and the change has been beneficial to students and teachers. 


    Clark is located on a 23.75 acre site west of Bragaw and south of Mt. View Drive. Mountain View is an integral part of the city's revitalization program. The area is an arts and cultural district with several up and coming artists in the area.

Clark Creed

  • I am a student seeking to be a scholar.
    The standard is excellence today and tomorrow.
    I am disciplined, focused and on time.
    I am organized, respectful and responsible.
    I am on a mission to elevate myself, my community and humanity.
    I am a Clark Middle School scholar!

School Motto

  • A school committed to the three "A's"

    • Excellence in Academics
    • Excellence in Attendance
    • Excellence in Attitude