Capturing Kids Hearts

  • The rate of change and the things youth are exposed to today are significantly different from previous generations. To make the difference in our students’ lives, we must have the keys that open the doors to their hearts and minds to learning and life. Capturing Kids’ Hearts focuses on developing healthy relationships between members of a school’s educational community and teaching effective skills that help teachers:


    • Develop self-managing classrooms through innovative techniques such as a social contract
    • Increase positive behaviors and reinforce the role of emotional intelligence in teaching
    • Build classroom rapport and teamwork to create a safe, trusting learning environment
    • Develop students’ empathy for diverse cultures/backgrounds
    • Increase classroom attendance by helping students take responsibility for their actions and performance


    Research shows that if teachers can create a relational connection to students, or “Capture Kids’ Hearts,” performance goes up, and behaviors greatly improve because kids want to be in school; Students want to be in classrooms where teachers know how to connect with them and make them feel valued.