Health & Safety

Role of the School Nurse

  • The role of the school nurse is to enhance the education process by maximizing the health and well-being of school age children and adolescents. 

    The school nurse works with the building staff and parents to ensure that each child is in the best possible physical and emotional health to benefit from school experiences. 

    The school nurse implements programs and services designed to provide for the detection and follow-up of health problems, crisis intervention for ill and injured students, health counseling and referral, control of infectious disease within the school environment and planning with other school personnel for the appropriate education placement of the students with health problems. 


    Salwa Hussein

    About Health Services

    The Health Services Program strengthens the educational process through health supervision and and health education of children and youth. School nurses promote health by providing knowledge to influence individual and group health attitudes. The goal is to encourage students to incorporate health learning experiences and form their own plan for healthful living. The challenge of the school nurse is to use the combined strength of scientific knowledge, professional skill, individual commitment and community support to enable students to achieve their potential to live full, active lives. 

    It is also the aim of the Health Services Program to carry out school health regulations required by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development and the Department of Health and Social Services. The purpose of the Health Services Program is to appraise, protect, promote and maintain the health of students.

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