• There are many people available to help you with problems ranging from lockers that are jammed to serious crisis. Try to find at least one adult you are comfortable talking to whether it is the principal, a teacher, counselor, security or custodian, to answer questions. Remember when seeking help from someone in the office:

    • Unless it’s an emergency, get a pass from your teacher before you come to the office or visit the office during lunch.
    • Enter only from the main door and sign in at the counter when you enter, and sign out when you leave.


    Administrative Assistant is in the main office and can help you with sports paperwork.


    Administrators are the Principal and Assistant Principal who can be contacted through the office to assist students with any safety or serious issues.


    Attendance Secretary is at the front Welcome Desk, when entering the building. The Attendance Secretary can help with all attendance issues and guide you to other help.


    Counselors are here to help you. Use the Request to See Counselor forms available at either office counter, ask a teacher for a pass, or drop by during lunch. Do not wait for a counselor unless you have an appointment. Except in emergencies, you must have a pass to see a counselor.


    Custodial staff is available to assist you with many things; however, we are very limited in the number of custodians that we have on hand. If a locker is stuck or needs repair our custodian is the person that does it. Our custodians can also assist if you need help cleaning up a spill. Students can notify a custodian directly or let Security, your teachers, Administrators or the front desk know what is needed. Custodians are NOT here, and do not have time, to pick up after you - please help us keep our building to look spectacular by disposing of your trash and assisting others.


    Financial Data Control Clerk (FDCC) is the person who deals with all money transactions. If you need to pay for something or have a problem with the vending machines, see the FDCC.


    Mediation - Many student issues can be resolved through mediation. In this process the individuals come together and meet with one of the Administrators, counselor or a trusted staff member to work through conflicts and find solutions. If there is a situation you need assistance in solving, come to the office to talk to someone as soon as possible. We are here to help!


    Safety/Security are here to help students with any security issues you may have. They also keep track of who served detentions, by grade level, so ask them if you have questions.


    STAFF I can go to if I Need HELP!

    • _____________________________________
    • _____________________________________
    • _____________________________________
    • _____________________________________
    • Clark Middle School staff really cares about me
    • Clark Middle School staff who are happy to see me when I return from an absence.
    • Clark Middle School staff makes time for me.