Problem Solving Options

  • If a concern or problem arises at school, there are several ways to seek a solution. It is always desirable to talk with the person nearest the problem, if at all possible. However, there are resources and procedures available to Anchorage School District parents and students if a solution can't be worked out at the school. The following is a list of suggested steps to follow: 

    1. Go to the person involved. If that is not successful, please call the principal (or assistant principal/dean/intern or appropriate district administrator).

    2. If resolution is not possible at the school, call the office of

    • Elementary Education, 907-742-4254 or 907-742-4242
    • Middle School Education, 907-742-4249
    • High School Education, 907-742-4256 or 907-742-4250


    3. If the concern relates to a Special Education student, you may also call the office of

    • Elementary Special Education, 907-742-3886
    • Middle School Special Education, 907-742-3888
    • High School Special Education, 907-742-3888
    • or the Executive Director of Special Education, 907-742-4236


    4. If the issue concerns pupil transportation, call Transportation Services, 907-742-1200.

    5. Other Anchorage School District offices or advisory committees that may be helpful are:


    6. Use the Anchorage School District Citizen Complaint ProcessThe form is available online, in any school office or at the offices of the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Elementary Education, Middle School Education, High School Education, Special Education or the superintendent

    If your complaint concerns instructional materials, please DO NOT use the Citizen Complaint Form. For complaints about instructional materials, use Anchorage School District Request Form for Additions to or Re-evaluation of Instructional Materials, which is available from all school offices or the Executive Director of Curriculum and Evaluation, 907-742-4464 

    Call the Municipal Ombudsman at the Municipality of Anchorage, 907-343-4461 or e-mail at This office is authorized under Municipal Charter to investigate complaints about the School District. Your name may be kept confidential. 

    Call the Disability Law Center, 907-565-1002 or email at, for issues regarding special education or 504 issues. 

    If you have students attending Elmendorf or Fort Richardson schools, you may also call the military education liaison, 907-552-2820.