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    Excerpt: “Finding Your Future is one of the most important adventures a high school student will ever go on. There is no one path for students to find their way to success. You might say “How do you create that path???” Frontier Charter School and Finding Your Future have come together to give some Steps to the Future for parents and students. We will be doing an article weekly. I would like to hear from you on topics you would like to read about. What are your questions? What would you like us to share with you? We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.” Mari Jo Parks, M.Ed., Career and College Coach


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    HSLDA article: “Thinking of Homeschooling? Start Here!” Quote: "If the parents of 2 million kids can homeschool their kids, maybe I can too!"https://hslda.org/post/thinking-of-homeschooling.


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