Welcome Spring Term 2020

  • ASD iSchool classes will open on January 6th but officially start January 13th and will end May 20th, for a total of 16 weeks.  During this time, you are expected to complete an entire semester's worth of work, and all courses contain pacing guides which students are expected to follow to keep on track to complete the course by May 20th. 


    It is iSchool policy that a course cannot be completed in less than 6 weeks, nor take longer than 18 weeks (a semester). 


    Registration for ASD iSchool Spring 2020 is done through your school counselor. Registration forms can be submitted to your counselor before January 18th.   January 27th is the last day to drop a class for no penalty.    


    • flowers Registrations for current high school students will be accepted for original course attempts on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Students seeking credit recovery options will need counselor approval.
    • Once a class becomes full, registrations for that class will no longer be accepted.
    • Classes are subject to consolidation or cancellation due to low enrollment.


    Spring 2020 Registration