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Rilke Nachrichten September 2, 2022

Rilke Nachrichten

September 2, 2022



Sicherheit auf dem Parkplatz

Arrival and dismissal are very busy times at Rilke Schule. With that in mind, please focus on safety for the benefit of our children during this period. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Student pick up on Monday - Thursday is 3:00 - 3:15.

  • Student pick up on Friday is 1:45 - 2:00.

  • Please have your child’s name displayed in your vehicle window.

  • Use the crosswalk and obey the crossing guard.

  • Only drop off students at the curb on the passenger side.

  • If you, the driver, need to get out of the vehicle, please use the parking lot and not the drive through lane.

Thank you for your cooperation to keep our children safe.




Activity fees should be paid at your earliest convenience. We are currently booking field trips for the school year and your activity fees provide the funding for these enrichment activities. Please log onto Q / Parent Connection and pay the $50 Supply Fee and the $125 student(s) activity fee.  




Kindergarten Anmeldung

We still have a few spots open for kindergarten and 1st grade students. If you know of friends and family who may be interested in joining our school and community, please have them reach out to the front office at 907-742-0900 or email  



Info von der Krankenschwester

Please click on this link to find information from our nurse.



Info von Trainer Maddy

Please remember that your children need a pair of gym shoes for physical education classes. Slip on shoes, boots and crocs are not safe for the activities your loved ones enjoy in PE. ❤️


Our September Healthy Futures Challenge has begun! Please find the link below if you are interested in participating!

Geplante Events

  • 9/7, 7th / 8th Grade Field Trip

  • 9/7 , 6:00, Rilke Schule Verein (RSV) Meeting

  • 9/10 Samstag Schule Begins -   

  • 9/12 Picture Day - Individual and Class Photos

  • 10/22 - 23 Rilke Oktoberfest hosted at West Berlin


Wichtige Links


Becoming an ASD Substitute Teacher


ParentConnect (Online Student Gradebook and Information)


Rilke Master Calendar 


Volunteering Information


Dress Code Policy


COVID and “When to Stay Home” Information

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