• Homeschool, in-person, online, dually enrolled, vendor-based, or a blend of any of these...the options are endless!


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K-5 Elementary Overview

  • K-5  Homeschool Only

    Families who choose to homeschool their children have an array of opportunities for learning.  Families can design, develop, and instruct learning based on what works best for his/her learning.  Families who homeschool students can do so based on family dynamics, principles, and beliefs.  Your child’s advisory teacher will be able to assist and guide families with as much or as little information as needed.  Advisory teachers are available to support and answer questions relating to curriculum, student progress, assessment, and more. Some families choose to develop independent study courses or passion projects.  These courses allow students to work independently on assignments.  Teachers are available to answer questions and problem solve. 

    Students can also use ASD-approved vendors for a variety of options.  Please see our vendor-approved list.  If a vendor is not on the list you can work with your advisory teacher for additional information.

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  • At AKChoice, you are in the driver's seat of your child's education. The above recommendations are some of our most popular curriculum picks, but you can choose from hundreds of other programs, as well. 

  • Face to Face Options

    Families who are looking for workshops to supplement learning at home may be interested in enrolling in one of our F2F options.  Space is limited and these workshops are designed to support learning at home.  






    LA & Math


    Tuesdays & Thursdays


    Students have the opportunity to participate in a workshop focusing on reading, writing, and math enrichment/support. Students will practice grade-level skills, engage with peers, and build a love of learning. A special emphasis is placed on cooperative learning and incorporating student interests. Teachers assess and identify student progress and adapt instruction to fit individual needs (while also partnering with parents to help them do this in their homeschooling).

    Children are provided opportunities to develop skills that are aligned with grade-appropriate standards.  No set curriculum is used as parents will be using their own selected curriculum for instruction.


    $400 per semester




    One Wednesday a month


    These workshops are on a monthly cycle, focusing on a specific topic.  The workshops are designed to provide hands-on learning on a grade-appropriate science topic.  


    During our weekly science workshops, we complete monthly investigations into different science topics. Students work collaboratively on hands-on activities, experiments, and projects each week. 

    Costs will vary







    Barton Intervention Support

    Tuesdays & Thursdays

    This is a reading intervention designed to support students who are continuing to work on learning to read with fluency and accuracy.  Sessions are 50 minutes two times a week in small groups (2-3 students).  This intervention can be integrated into our face-to-face workshops or as a stand-alone option.

    $100 per semester w/ workshop

    $250 per semester if not enrolled in a workshop




    Tuesdays or Thursdays


    Each quarter, students will have the option to sign up for an after-school club.  Clubs can include Art classes, Learning Sign Language, Running Club, and Sewing.  Clubs will run between a 6-8 week session and vary depending on the quarter.  More information on club offerings will be available in August.

    Costs will vary


  • Dual Enrollment

    Students enrolled in AKChoice have access to their neighborhood school (if residing in the ASD attendance area).  Students are able to take up to three classes/subjects (including specials), as well as participate in extracurricular activities. 

  • Online

    Parents/caregivers may choose to utilize online classes for one or all subjects through a variety of online platforms. Please note: Online classes are typically only developmentally appropriate with direct supervision and family involvement. Parents/caregivers should expect to provide support and guidance during these online courses (to varying levels, depending on the student).

  • Vendors

    Vendors are educational partners that provide services such as tutoring, lessons, etc. Vendors can be used as a supplement to homeschooled subjects, or can be used to teach the entire subject. There are countless approved vendors and many ways to utilize them. Speak directly with your advisor or visit our vendor page to see some of the vendor advertisements.