Middle School

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  • Here are the elective descriptions based on the 2021-2022 ASD Middle School Program of Studies Handbook.
    Service Learning- This is a community and school project-oriented elective designed to integrate learning experiences from the general school curriculum. The purpose is to make learning and education experiences more immediately relevant and meaningful to learners as well as increase good citizenship for all students.
    Study Skills- This elective is designed to supplement and enrich all areas of the student’s regular program. Time is provided to focus on needed skills with individual and small group assistance.
    Debate- Students explore multiple perspectives and research and defend a variety of positions and issues while developing strong reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The study and practice of academic debate will strengthen various language arts and civic skills, including: argument construction, evidence analysis and evaluation, organization, outlining, persuasion, effective word choice, citation, research competence, media literacy, reading comprehension, summarization and outlining, public speaking, ethics and civility.
    Outdoor Adventure- This course will cover different outdoor activities both in the classroom and through hands-on experience. A variety of activities will be covered, as well as the exploration of the gear needed to participate in them. Students will read from a variety of outdoor literature and biographies of important individuals and engage in different projects.
    Personal Finance (Economics)- Students build a foundation of financial literacy through hands-on studies of personal finance and principles of economics. Activities such as experimental economics, mini-society, Junior Achievement, and/or the stock market game will provide opportunity for fun exploration of important 21st century topics.


  • Spirit Days & Events

    Friday, April 22nd- Home Room Wars


    On each spirit day homerooms with 100% participation will earn a ticket to be entered to win a pizza party after the April 22nd spirit day.  The winning homeroom teacher will also receive a $50 gift card to their choice of Kaladi Brothers or Amazon.  The more tickets earned the greater your homeroom changes are to WIN!

    On April 20th Homeroom Wars will take place.  The judges will be considering theme, participation, involvement, creativity, ambiance and enthusiasm to decide on the winning Homeroom class.  The winning homeroom will not only have bragging rights but will also win a pizza party and rootbeer floats, as well as the homeroom teacher will win a $50 giftcard to Amazon!

    *Dates and Themes subject to Change.  Sponsored by your PTA.  All ASD and school dress code rules apply.